Mob Psycho 100 Manga

Mob Psycho 100 Manga

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Where can I read Mob Psycho 100?

You can read Mob Psycho 100 III manga online at in English for free.

What is the release schedule for Mob Psycho 100 manga?

Mob Psycho 100 Chapters are released weekly. But sometimes, the manga chapters get delayed. Bookmark to stay notified whenever a new chapter is released.

Mob Psycho 100 Anime Synopsis:

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is now maturing and understanding his role as a supernatural psychic that has the power to drastically affect the livelihood of others. He and his mentor Reigen Arataka continue to deal with supernatural requests from clients, whether it be exorcizing evil spirits or tackling urban legends that haunt the citizens.

While the workflow remains the same, Mob isn’t just blindly following Reigen around anymore. With all his experiences as a ridiculously strong psychic, Mob’s supernatural adventures now have more weight. Things take on a serious and darker tone as the dangers Mob and Reigen face are much more tangible and unsettling than ever before.

About Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho 100 (Japanese: モブサイコ100, Hepburn: Mobu Saiko Hyaku) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by ONE. It began publication on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website in April 2012 and concluded in December 2017. It has been also available online on Shogakukan’s mobile app MangaONE since December 2014. An anime television series adaptation produced by Bones aired between July and September 2016. A live-action series adaptation aired from January to April 2018. A second season of the anime series began airing from January to April 2019.

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